Thursday, December 9, 2010

Liberate Yourself

I finally took the plunge and wrote my work a resignation letter! PHEW!!! I am relieved as I do not know what I was doing in that place.. and its takes me 3 hours daily to get to and from work! So, its the holidays, I have gifts to buy, endless shopping time, some cash saved up and amazing shoes and dresses that haven't seen the light of day to wear... I think I wont be looking for a job anytime soon... so my job is to blog and post pictures of what i get up to whilst jobless and loving it.. i know it wont last as we all know the bills keep coming and the cash aint flowing when we are jobless. So, lets not spoil it.. its the HOLIDAY season after all ey??? If you are jealous... Join me and Liberate Yourself!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stella Mccartney for Target - take two

Launched on 29 October 2010! How could i forget?! Since last month I have planned how I'm going to print out a picture of what I want from the collection and get my brother to buy it for me as I am situated so far away from shops this days, working in Crows Nest and all. But, it slipped my mind and now I am just hoping that on Thursday there will still be even a tiny little Stella left in the coat hangers of target. Hopefully a few of my favorites will still be there.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leaving the Fashion Family

I haven't posted anything for awhile. I have been busy with getting a routine going. Did my job searching, Its been 3 years since I have done some serious googling and job searching. And what made it even harder was that I was aiming to find a job in the fashion industry. I have been studying fashion for nearly 2 years and getting redundant from my job in the financial industry seems like a perfect opportunity. Well, I made myself very proud by nailing my first interview and getting a second interview with the General Manager of Pumpkin Patch. A kids clothing brand that is big in Australia and New Zealand. This happened more than 6 weeks ago. I was thrilled, but all the excitement died as the challenge wasn't there... and it was getting really.. how can I put this... blah.. And to add to the injury, as a starter in the industry my salary was just so low. So, im thinking.. Do I really love the fashion industry that I am willing to sacrifice my income and delay my future plans at the age of 24...or am I just an admirer.. and I really belong in the financial industry where I can be very useful and lets be honest, I can afford the clothes I love because my salary is not same as a teenagers'. So, I think I am the latter.. and I can say hello to shopping and travelling again because next week I am quiting my job and going back to my first family, the financial industry.. its going to be like the prodigal fashion minded daughter coming back because working in fashion ironically, doesn't give me the wings (aka money) to enjoy fashion!!! Its been great, but not that great. So to all of you out there that want to get in the industry at the age of 24, think about it. But if its for you, good luck :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


So, I'm back home, Down Under. I lived a life long dream of walking the streets I've seen so many times on the small and big screen. I've seen the romantic Empire State Building and the amazing Statue of Liberty. I've enjoyed the lavish life of shopping from 9am to 5pm and literally shopping til I drop. I've been lost in the concrete jungle while singing "new york, concrete jungle where dreams are made of" under my breath while strolling in the green rectangle Central Park on the famous NYC summer heat. Strolled around the famous museums and watched Phantom of the Opera at Broadway. Enjoyed the culture, lights, food and endless line of yellow cabs. New York.. I wouldn't mind coming back..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Grazia Cabin Fever

so chic!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Backstage at MYER S/S 10

I am no Scott Schuman so do not judge my out of focus, blurry candid photos! Here are my sneaky shots from the Myer SS 10 backstage where I was assigned to dress a male model that was really... i dare say.. HOT.I loved Alex Box from Illasmasqua and her Cruella de Vil slash Daphne Guinness look. She wore the same outfit for 2 days in a row.. it must be her uniform. CHIC! Backstage crew went berserk when Kris Smith, Jessica Hart and Jeniffer Hawkins stepped out of the dressing rooms!

A bite from THE BIG APPLE

It's been a while since i have posted my little nothings. Some things have changed in my life.. some really good things. First of all, I am finally free of my boring admin job and I am officially redundant as of Friday the 13TH!!! Who said friday the 13th was such a tragic day. Secondly, I have planned a trip to New York City to visit a good friend of mine and it would be my first visit to the U.S.A. and my first solo trip! I have no time to have a cold feet about the whole trip because I will be leaving on the 21st of August! I must tell you, travelling alone is no cheap plan. It would have been great if I could split my accomodation bills, since there is no way on Earth I am staying in some "shared bathroom" hostel. I had a great pay out from my redundancy so that has helped HEAPS! I cannot wait to explore the Big Apple alone and take home I heart NY shirts for everyone! I will miss my bestfriend and boyfriend though.. but NYC fashion capital of US.. here I come! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Paris Fall Couture Fashion Week favorites

This is the first time I have looked closely at Paris Couture Fashion Week and I have to cast my favorites and if I had the couture worthy cash account, where I would wear this stunning creations!

I love this because its not splashed with uber bright colours compared to the rest of Christian Dior's couture creations for fall. I would wear this to a tea party with Blair and Serena. Yes, you can laugh.

I love how Jean Paul Gaultier sent his models sashaying down the runway with those lovely turbans so reminiscent of the LV bunny ears for some reason. Well, I loved this look because of the feathers which seems to be creeping on trend and the chunky jewel adornment. Almost show girlish but that's JP Gaultier for you. I would wear this in a night in Paris with my lover...

and this Elie Saab creation...

I will wear to a high school reunion! just for laughs, people.

Patrick Mohr's Bald ambition

There is nothing exciting or new about the clothes he sent down the runway and the models seem to have come out of a coughing cat. Art? Fashion? I do not know... and geez this model needs a good feed. I guess, when you do not have enough inspiration for designs.. move on to how you can create free press! Smart, but seriously...

FashionBay: When technical issues get in the way!

I don't know about you ladies and fashion conscious gents (gays and metro's), but I crave to buy a bag every now and then. But I have that one major itch once a year and I have been suffering for 3 weeks now, or more. But, I did realise that ever since I have pledged to only buy classic pieces-pricey or not, my bag splurging has been minimal. I only bought 3 bags from August 2009 to this month, almost a year! My first Chanel 2.55, a stupid knock-off Chanel Sequin bag from that dodgy website (NEVER AGAIN!!!), and a large black patent clutch from Collette for only $12.50! So, last night I remembered a tweet I received from @fashionbayfan saying that they have sold a LV bag for $3 or some meagre price. So I took my (my boyfriend's) iPAD to bed and started browsing and created a fashionbay account. Was so excited to find out that they had a Gucci "Joy" medium Boston Bag on Auction starting at $1.17!!! They said everything they sell is Authentic and can be returned in 14days so that's all bells ringing for me! So, I went to work this morning ready to bid the hell out of this bad (doesn't make sense, i know) just to be kicked out of the website 5 seconds before the time finished. So I sent them a complaint and received a response within 5minutes. Enoch from fashionbay told me that the website experienced some technical issues around that time and all they can do is return the bids I used. Each bid costs $.80 and they threw in 5 free bids for my inconvenience. Well, the bidder won the bag for only $2.38!!! I could have won the damn thing! Enoch did say that they will be auctioning another Gucci Joy bag soon. So, I will be getting ready for that!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

for full interview, go to

Thrilled to grab a copy of Australian Vogue with Cam Diaz on the cover but I must say she was not the driving force for me forking out $8.50 of my lunch money. It was, the fact that there was no Paris Vogue on the Stand and perhaps it would be a great change to read a language I so fluently speak. So, here I am reading an interview of Carine Roitfeld's doppelganger of a daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld because she is the new face of Jil Sander's fragrance. Found out that she is not an early lover of fashion despite her Mother being Paris Vogue Editor and having one Jil Sander skirt is her ticket to being the new face of the fragrance! Oh wait.. She grew up in the big apple and likes to spice up classics with PVC mini skirt and platform shoes from Stripper stores... Gulp! Anyway, I was so engrossed at this article, as you would when suddenly I was told to (shove my $8.50 on my derrier and go online!) go to for the full interview. Yes, exclamation point all over!!!! I have never been asked to go online for a story I paid to read, but the opposite does happen when reading articles online. Well, all I can do is blog about my frustration.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This boots saved my suede pumps when we had crazy storm in sydney weeks ago and they were the PERFECT pair to wear during my trip to the vineyards around Hunter Valley! And did i mention that it saved me from getting nasty zoo animals doo doo all over my feet when we visited the zoo! I'm inlove... and they look chic!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sportsgirl knows I've been dreaming of YSL

Friday... I had a pair of noisy shoes on! They are a 3 year old pair that I haven't worn for years and I just remembered the reason why! So at lunch I dashed to the Shoe repair shop and got its diagnosis. The shaft may be a little loose the lady says and I may need to check them in. Well, if my shoes are going to be inhouse patients, I better find a pair of shoes to wear! What a great excuse to shop! So, I went to Metcentre and looked around instead of eating lunch. I haven't been to Sportsgirl for ages! I think they are Australia's version of Topshop! They have really young trendy clothes and great accessories so it was always fun to visit their shop! I went straight to the big red SALE sign and had a look at what they have.. and I saw a pair of gray pumps that look just like the YSL tribute pumps and i has to try them on! And POWW!!! They are gorgeous and surprisingly comfy! So... i know i hate knockoffs..but i gotta say.. Im Love...

LOST: Season Finale

I am one big LOST avid fan but I only got to watch the finale last night as I missed out on 3 episodes. So, I had to ask other "Lost" sheep from bleating out information about the finale on thursday morning! Most of them were left lost as they didn't really get the finale. But after I watched the finale.. no tears came out of my eyes (unlike my workmate - my other workmate said she was quivering & had waterworks going for 2 hours, geez!) I really think that the finale was perfect - and it wasn't the episode to explain what has happened in previous episodes, rather it was an explanation on what really is that parallel world where everyone seems to be fine and walking the streets of LA after unboarding Oceanic Flight 816. The really touching part of the finale was when every single one remembered about how they were affected by the people in the Island. I knew they were not gonna be alive and I know that the finale of Lost is looking back at when everyone single survivor has passed away... they were still longing to see each other one day and see how everyone is going and they created this middle ground -purgatory as they say (between heaven and hell) to remember and recollect their experience in the Island which apparently is the most significant part of their existence. It was great and touching.. perfectly ended. I use to say that there is no way they will find a way to end lost and there should be a movie after (ummm.. like SATC!), but after watching the finale like the rest of the characters of lost, i finally learned to let go...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Socks and Stilettos!

Another cold boring sunday. I have been up since 9:30am and I have just been googling away.. then i started looking at shoes and can't get past my obsession to have a pair of YSL Tribute booties that are no longer available in stores - except for Ebay. I found one but then i realised that I have a gorgeous pair of Louboutin shoes that have never set foot on the outside world. I tried them on, then thought to myself, i adored this shoes online! I can't get myself to wear them with my bare feet..Its too cold outside! So i went to my sock drawer and found a nude pair of ankle socks. VOILA! Im not bored anymore! LOOK! LOOK! Can i ever pull this off? My Louboutin with Socks??? I googled more and found some inspirations! Hell yeah! Its Autumn and it makes sense! I'm so excited to try them out outside.. hmmm... I'm tall so no one will LAUGH at me! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sydney Fashion Weekend - The Bush and Fashion

So, I was so thrilled to find out that there is a meetup group going to Sydney Fashion Weekend! I went to the event with two ladies from the group - one of them Nicky lived in france for a year and unfortunately copied the only parisian habit that is considered to be unsexy... bushy armpits!!! I was shocked and had mixed feelings.. and for the other lady she disappeared the whole time we were there! Maybe she spotted the bush and couldn't stand it... im lucky to notice it only at the end of the day. Aside from the shocking events of the day, i got to seat at the front row of the Fashion Weeked fashion show. I love love love the clogs used in Camilla's show, the kaftans were adorable and flowy.. just makes me wish I can fly to a beach where the sun is shining and the mojitos keep coming! But Laurence Pasquier's wool hooded cape and beautifully made boyfriend wool sweaters brought me back to looking forward to enjoying winter. Shopping wasn't that great for me, but i did get to take home four sets of Elle Macpherson lingerie (my boyfriend was happy to see that)for $30 each set! And got a beautiful ring from Samantha Wills. At the end of the day, I was glad to see my boyfriend.. and i don't mind bushy armpits on men.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

VOGUE PARIS - Fashion Beyond Borders!

I am the happiest person in the world! I have been contemplating to get an overly priced subscription of Paris Vogue since i have rummaged through all the News Agents in Sydney with no luck even finding a 3 year old copy. So one dreadful tuesday I went to the News Agency to have a look at Vogue Australia's cover featuring the Aboriginal Model Samantha Harris and there it was staring at me, the only copy left of PARIS VOGUE!!! I snatched it right away and gave it a hug - the lady next to me probably did not want it, but I got it first! HAH! Then i noticed the back cover had a little tear so i tried to haggle with the lady over the counter and she said I can put tape on it but that's the price. So, i said Ahh.. its PARIS VOGUE! There's the $14.95 for it and I had it for lunch along side my gluten free vege lasagne & salad. And Boy was it a really good lunch! I can't read french. But I am learning via My French Coach on my Nintendo DSi. But for now, Im just happy to flip through the pages and have a look at the realisation of Carine Roitfield.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hah! Favorites! Everyone has one or two. My workmate was bitching about how our team leader favours my other two workmates as she lets them skip work and take extremely long lunch breaks (3 hour lunch today!).

I don't mind a little favoritism... I for one have my RAFW Favorites! I don't care about my work, so stuff the boring office drama and lets move on the FASHION, SERIOUSLY!

The future of Spring Summer fashion must haves have been unleashed! I don't really follow Australian Fashion Week but this time I thought I would have a look at what's instore for us for Spring and Summer of 2011!

Boy was i amazed and I have three favorites!!! Cammila and Marc hold number trois! I love the romantic relaxed look of the dresses on the runway and the draped skirts (tank dress really)!!! I am just so excited because I bought this draped dress from Seduce(2008) and couldn't wear it to the races because it shows too much cleavage! So I have been planning to cut it and turn it into a skirt! And now Cammila and Marc have the exact style in the same colour!

Second spot goes to Romance was Born! They brought the show in fashion! The John Galliano of RAFW, I say. Thigh high boots made an appearance with a punch of colour. The way they style the garments was very interesting and Entertaining! Though I may not rock out the Romance was Born look I sure can put on a pair of those crazy leggings!

And First place goes to ... DDDrums...Kirrily Johnston! Loved the braided hair, painted eyewear, painted tattoos, the feeling of this tribal look but keeping the garments very modern and edgy! I specially love the inverted triangle prints on the leggings! So RAFW is over! All we have to do is wait for Spring/Summer season...

CLOGS! Is this LOVE at Second Sight?

shocker. I TELL YOU! I was browsing the net for shoes as i always do, and I stumbled upon these Tory Burch and Miu Miu clogs and I started to think about what I have in my closet that would actually work with them! And then i realized... Am I actually considering Clogs??? I blame it on Garance Dore! She posted a picture of herself wearing her trimmed jeans with Chanel Clogs and she confessed that the heavy shoes might actually work! That probably played in my mind as I am now in love with these CLOGS! I always hated them and even critisized chanel barn-esque clogs on the hay-runway. Thank goodness they are a little pricey! So it will take me a month before i can buy them... it must be infatuation... if it is, it better not be in my closet before i realise that im over it!

Friday, April 30, 2010 STYLE A FRIEND

So, since's birthday bash left most of us heartbroken while a few jumped for joy with their luck and $1 miu miu pumps and chloe bags, I have been craving for this Pedra Silk Pants by Alldressedup. I have been eyeing them for a month and had the perfect excuse to finally buy them! has a promo called Style A Friend - all you have to do is email a friend a garment that you think would suit them and If they like it and decide to buy the item you get $30 credit - but the catch is your friend should not return the garment and you will receive the $30 credit after 21 days! So... clever me.. I got my boyfriend an account with outnet.. sent him an email of the Pedra Silk Pants, click, add to shopping bag, paid for it using the boyfriend's credit card and done! And don't forget the free shipping until May! So, for my purchase I will be getting $30! Not as good as $1 designer garment but good enough! Its Chic-Onomics! wink wink!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KC Conception's Closet fights child hunger

Isn't it wonderful when socialites from third world countries feel the need to spread their wealth to the not so fortunate citizens of the world. Even more wonderful when they are unselfish enough to open those closet doors and give away their much loved designer items! Found out in that KC Conception which is a socialite in the Philippines (a little history her mum & dad are famous singers/actors) has started her own philanthropic gesture through KC's Closet which will help feed school children in Mindanao through the United Nations World Food Programme. She is auctioning off her Prada brown bag and Hermes bag on Ebay or you can buy it now for P80,000! That is less than 2,000 AUD! The details on Ebay doen't say much about the item.. but it's from a socialite so i guess we're just suppose to assume that they are the real deal! So if you love Hermes and Prada (Which most of us do!) have a look and you may find the heart to buy a Bag and help fight child hunger.

Sorry, i cannot attach pictures! I'm using my Boyfriend's laptop and its driving me crazeee!
-pictures are up now!

Witchery - steals from Balenciaga!

Lunch break! Means, it's time to spend the grueling process of finding something gluten free, filling and hopefully wont make me gassy for he rest of the day OR go window shopping in Met Centre (Wynyard). So, the latter is easier until my stomach grumbles that is. So, I went to one of my favourite stores, Witchery. And there it was.. i saw a complete carbon copy! I nearly said to myself - HOLD ON! STOP! Am I in a different place? I took another step in and closer to what I saw with a weird expression across my face, staring and saw one of the sales assistant looking at me then walked away. Man, Hell no! Not Witchery! And this is what I saw... lost for words i touched it.. and eek! it was like touching a Rhino or well that's how i imagine a rhino would feel like. Hard, coarse and dry! No no no... I haven't seen Witchery copy a designer item to that extent. To make something inspired of something is fine, okay not everyone can afford this and that so we make that blah blah balushhh! But not this way... totally ripping off Balenciaga.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Aaaah! Garance Dore is in town!

SHUT IT DOWN! Garance is in Sydney people! I love her illustrations and her ever entertaining blog! And she is dating Scott Schumann (The Sartorialist). She will be in town for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (I still have hurt feelings) and she will be having an Exhibition at Westfields Bondi Junction on April 28! Atleast I have something to look forward to before RAFW! Hope i can see her! She keeps me awake during my boring 9-5 job and has inspired me to take Illustration lessons. Bloggers are taking over the world of fashion - or atleast the front row.

If Little Red Riding Hood has a Satchel

I was looking for bags in last night and look at what caught my eye! It would be impossible to ignore this bright red satchel which is reminiscent to a fire truck. It also reminds me of my bag crush Proenza Schouler's PS1 and I have been thinking of getting this bag instead. With a price tag of $112 with 100% smooth leather material I think it would be a really awesome bag! I found many colours and sizes to choose from on their website I also found out that they have been featured in Italian Vogue and have Sophie Ellis Bextor as one of their celebrity fans. I will let you know when i get my hands on one of this satchels. I'm sure gradma will be proud if little red riding hood brought this satchel back home.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hah! I had an epiphany! Actually it happened when I was having my early morning shower on Saturday after watching an episode of Sex and The City on foxtel. I gave myself a challenge to find girlfriends to watch SATC 2 with! I spend all my time with my Boyfriend! So how can i do just that? I simply cannot connect with the women around me.. My school mates are just there to listen to lectures and do not bother getting to know the person next to them.. and my work mates are, lets just say a NO GO zone. So, i searched for groups that I can join in order to get to know more people around Sydney. And I found this website called They have tons of different groups that are tailored for your preference. If you like Star Trek you can find a group just for you (Errrr..). So, I joined some female groups and hopefully I can find friends to watch SATC 2 with instead of torturing my boyfriend for 2 1/2 hours of pure chick flick madness!