Friday, March 26, 2010

Balenciaga Giant Work Bag - Black Bag Nominee

I would love to own a Balenciaga Giant Work Bag with the gold hardware - which is rare. It looks timeless, durable, HUGE and can be my potential ultimate black bag! I don't have a great black bag so, I would like to nominate the Balenciaga Giant Work Bag!

Friday, March 19, 2010


From fainting at the McQueen show wearing that tight corset to ruling the catwalks and being australian is a plus- My fave model is Abbey Lee Kershaw. Yay to gap teeth!


This month, I received delightful news at work. That we are finally getting redundant soon... It never gets more specific, but atleast this time they told us that they will give us a date by the end of this month! YAY! It's a good thing for me because, for one I hate my job in Superannuation and two, I want to work in the fashion industry and do an unpaid internship in Grazia magazine or Marie Claire which my school will set up for me. So, what's with the Proenza Schouler PS 1, I Die title you say? Well, the redundancy news has trigerred urgency on my shopping and fiscal matters. Meaning, someone needs to pay up her credit card and start saving before the income flow stops! I know i will get a descent redundancy payment and all, but i would rather keep that for a huge overseas trip or my dream city pad deposit. So, whats with Proenza Schouler PS 1, I Die title you say impatiently? Well, i have been crushing - achingly crushing on this bag lately! I have seen the bag before, Leighton Meester has been spotted wearing the bag in different colours (Lucky Bitch! - not my words) and I have seen them way back and now the itch is back. The sad thing, is I cannot buy the bag at the moment... but I have promised to save for it after paying off my Mastercard and maybe get it in time for my birthday. So, for now.. i will post pictures of it on my whiteboard to stop shopping, pay off the mastercard and get a sweet reward - a PS 1! I Die! Check out the pictures for more drool worthy inspiration.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nude Reality

Okay.. I do part time modelling to feed my creative side because my job is platonic and boring. When i say part time, its like twice a year. I answered an ad for a model and it said it may involve nudity. Met the french photograper this weekend for the go see & saw her work. Let me tell you, It was FULL ON - but i must admit quite tasteful. Her passion is Nude Photography, now I haven't met anyone with such passion - let alone a female. So she liked me and would like to have me pose for her Dark Panther shoot. Its for the world to see as she is competing for the Photography Exhibition in Sydney & the photo will be displayed in the meseum for 1 month. To add to that, she is also a teacher and will be having 6 photography students to take pictures along with her. My boyfriend has been the sweetest man and only says, its up to you baby. Cute, I know - but really? Would I go nude for $200 for 4-6 hours of photography? The lady clearly said - the poses are my choice. I can cover anything that bothers me. Umm... everything? I have until tomorrow to decide.. and I have a feeling I am going to say, NO. Don't feel like being a Yes man on this one.


I dashed to David Jones as if I got an unheard message from Chanel. As soon as I got there, they told me that they will be receiving the Chanel Grey Nail Laquer the week after. So, this days.. you know what nail polish im wearing. Loving the color! And its just perfect for the part time gloomy - sunny - drizzly weather we have at the moment!


OOOOH! It always happens to me and it has struck again. My obsession with unattainable shoes - for fiscal and availability reasons that is. I have always drooled - Yes, that's the word - Drooled about getting a pair of YSL tribute booties with yellow sole. And now that the weather is getting cooler by the day, I am desperately typing and googling away to see if any online shoe store still sell them. To my dismay, the obvious result came up. The only stores that sell them are those AAA quality which i will not tolerate as i do not support identity theft. Uuugh... I am crushed, so I have used my sorrowful inspiration to create a set using the YSL Tribute booties on my account. But, im still searching. It is just divine!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Its been awhile now, since the genius designer had passed away. I remember that morning I heard the news on Nova FM, it's like I had deer effect and wasn't able to phantom the news I heard. Came back to my senses and went straight to NY Fashion Magazine's The Cut blog to see if they have written anything about this shocking news - and there it was ALEXANDER MCQUEEN 1974 - 2010. He hanged himself, after writting a suicide note... So much talent.. Went away with him.. They will be keeping his label alive - but hopefully, the new designer can always keep McQueen's amazing and almost alien genius creativity in mind. They have cancelled his final work's fashion show and instead they will have a memorial show beginning on march 9 2010. RIP Mr McQueen.