Monday, July 12, 2010

Paris Fall Couture Fashion Week favorites

This is the first time I have looked closely at Paris Couture Fashion Week and I have to cast my favorites and if I had the couture worthy cash account, where I would wear this stunning creations!

I love this because its not splashed with uber bright colours compared to the rest of Christian Dior's couture creations for fall. I would wear this to a tea party with Blair and Serena. Yes, you can laugh.

I love how Jean Paul Gaultier sent his models sashaying down the runway with those lovely turbans so reminiscent of the LV bunny ears for some reason. Well, I loved this look because of the feathers which seems to be creeping on trend and the chunky jewel adornment. Almost show girlish but that's JP Gaultier for you. I would wear this in a night in Paris with my lover...

and this Elie Saab creation...

I will wear to a high school reunion! just for laughs, people.

Patrick Mohr's Bald ambition

There is nothing exciting or new about the clothes he sent down the runway and the models seem to have come out of a coughing cat. Art? Fashion? I do not know... and geez this model needs a good feed. I guess, when you do not have enough inspiration for designs.. move on to how you can create free press! Smart, but seriously...

FashionBay: When technical issues get in the way!

I don't know about you ladies and fashion conscious gents (gays and metro's), but I crave to buy a bag every now and then. But I have that one major itch once a year and I have been suffering for 3 weeks now, or more. But, I did realise that ever since I have pledged to only buy classic pieces-pricey or not, my bag splurging has been minimal. I only bought 3 bags from August 2009 to this month, almost a year! My first Chanel 2.55, a stupid knock-off Chanel Sequin bag from that dodgy website (NEVER AGAIN!!!), and a large black patent clutch from Collette for only $12.50! So, last night I remembered a tweet I received from @fashionbayfan saying that they have sold a LV bag for $3 or some meagre price. So I took my (my boyfriend's) iPAD to bed and started browsing and created a fashionbay account. Was so excited to find out that they had a Gucci "Joy" medium Boston Bag on Auction starting at $1.17!!! They said everything they sell is Authentic and can be returned in 14days so that's all bells ringing for me! So, I went to work this morning ready to bid the hell out of this bad (doesn't make sense, i know) just to be kicked out of the website 5 seconds before the time finished. So I sent them a complaint and received a response within 5minutes. Enoch from fashionbay told me that the website experienced some technical issues around that time and all they can do is return the bids I used. Each bid costs $.80 and they threw in 5 free bids for my inconvenience. Well, the bidder won the bag for only $2.38!!! I could have won the damn thing! Enoch did say that they will be auctioning another Gucci Joy bag soon. So, I will be getting ready for that!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

for full interview, go to

Thrilled to grab a copy of Australian Vogue with Cam Diaz on the cover but I must say she was not the driving force for me forking out $8.50 of my lunch money. It was, the fact that there was no Paris Vogue on the Stand and perhaps it would be a great change to read a language I so fluently speak. So, here I am reading an interview of Carine Roitfeld's doppelganger of a daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld because she is the new face of Jil Sander's fragrance. Found out that she is not an early lover of fashion despite her Mother being Paris Vogue Editor and having one Jil Sander skirt is her ticket to being the new face of the fragrance! Oh wait.. She grew up in the big apple and likes to spice up classics with PVC mini skirt and platform shoes from Stripper stores... Gulp! Anyway, I was so engrossed at this article, as you would when suddenly I was told to (shove my $8.50 on my derrier and go online!) go to for the full interview. Yes, exclamation point all over!!!! I have never been asked to go online for a story I paid to read, but the opposite does happen when reading articles online. Well, all I can do is blog about my frustration.