Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, the weather was just fantastic and the view was achingly magnificent! It was hard to leave a place with Sun, Beach and Fave designer stores lining up on Calvin Avenue! Its a really great place to get away from the pale people in the office! I got to say, I love my boyfriend for taking me there! There's no better way to spend a weekend but in a bikini, navy stripes and seafood!


I have been obsessing about the Miss Fortune Louboutin shoes for ages! I first spotted this gam - glammers last year on one of the Kardashian sisters and i said, I got to have those red soles! Low and behold, it came with the Louboutin price tag and I was crushed as I haven't even paid off my beloved first Chanel purchase on my Mastercard! If my Gran'mere was alive she would die (?) that I am freely writing about my financial woes! Well, its 2010! Means lighter Credit Card balance and more space to shop! Do you think its a good purchase? This would be my first Christian Louboutin to enter the gates of my Fab collection of below $300 shoes!


Its been awhile since I have posted something... I have been on a online shopping splurge lately! I just spent a small portion of my furtune on I am loving the flowing waist coats in neutrals and the oh so french chic navy stripes! It's barely Autumn in Sydney.. but I can't resist the charm of the Leather Jacket! I just replace my bright yellow nail polish with jet black! Can't wait for the cool season - literally..