Saturday, November 21, 2009


Just when her career is sky rocketing, Daul Kim hangs herself and ends her career... I didn't get to follow her blog, and just noticed her in the Coco cocoon video ad and cover of Russh mag.. and now.. she's gone. R.I.P Daul Kim - hope after life suits you better..
Ledom - means Model

Friday, October 16, 2009


Okay, we are all loving the luxe soft look of the Chanel Coco Cocoon bag! But i found a cheap and chic-ER version that made me smile ear to ear! The Moncler Padded Trotteur Satchel has the same feel and look and for a more affordable price... Judge & see for yourself madmoiselles...

To check it out go to FREE SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA, too! I die - thats what Rachel Zoe would say...


Oh.. Marc Jacobs had a dream that afro would make a comeback! While the models looked uber chic and cute with the color coordinated 'fros with pretty bows, Im not sure the streets of sydney will be flooded with this look.. Great for runway though...

Friday, October 9, 2009


Okay, so we love fashion and wearing all these fabs clothes. The Aussie summer time will be in less that 2 months and I am still carrying the extra 5 Kgs - sooo Last season right?! So, 2 weeks ago i started boot camp and eating healthy! And for Brunch i had 2 grilled wings with steamed vegies. But then, I also havent eaten chocolate for amazing 3 weeks so i had a bar & 1/2! Damn Mars Bars! Thats a Whopping 1500kjs!!! I will keep you posted about this summer body im trying to achieve! What diets and regimens have you done to keep your body trim for summer?

Lady Dragon

After a quiet boring day at work, I met up with my Brazilian lady friend for drinks at the Pool Club in the Ivy at George Street. Sans the suits over flowing the place - It did feel like I came into a beautiful resort away from the city! The palm trees, private cabanas and live DJ playing the music was just what i needed to relax and chit chat while eyeing all the outfits the ladies were wearing! Christian Louboutins were everywhere! But I was sporting my Vivienne Westwood and Melissa colaboration - the Lady Dragon love heart in blue. Its my favorite pair of shoes at the moment and boy was she stealing all the praises! Even a man in his suit asked me were i got them from, apparently him and his mates were eyeing them the entire time they were seated next to our table! So, i guess wearing a pair to your next night out can be a great conversation starter! Unleash the Lady Dragon in you!

I was thrilled to open my mail box and see a white envelope with CHANEL on it! Its all about the new Chanel Coco Cocoon bags. I remember seeing Lily Allen in some tabloid leaving a club with this arm candy. The Chanel Coco Cocoon campaign Ad has an Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tifanny's kind of look. So Chic indeed! I want to know what you ladies think about this bag - will "she" be a part of your bag family?


Im having a fabulous Chanel barn fever right now! Lily Allen the brit signer and her full on Chanel outfit just made me listen to her even more with her make pretend model back up singers! The hottest accessory in Chanel's S/S 10 show were not the bags or shoes (I did not feel the shoes at all!), It was the Chanel Tatts! I am excited to see which celebs will be spotted with these haute tatts! Riri was on the front row - she might replace umbrella ink with CC anytime soon. And watch out for the new nail colour from Chanel which was said to be all sold out! I call it the Chanel Grey. I dont know about you, but i for one will be wearing this colour when i get my hands on them!