Sunday, January 2, 2011

Olivia Palermo Style Guru of our times

Like many fashion lovers out there, I too have found a great undying crush on Olivia Palermo's way of dressing up. The mix & matching of accessories is undeniably genious and never fails to lit a light bulb in my mind - I never thought of that!!! Now that the City has been cancelled, It's great news that she has done Ads for ASOS and Mango and have managed to keep herself relevant in the game by appearing in editorials for Spain and British Vogue!!! It would be sad if her amazing sartorial choices are forever forgotten and no longer photographed! Even better news, she will have her own reality tv show (meaning 100% camera on her equals great view of her outfits for the day!) and there is an Olivia Palermo fashion line coming up??? Hope it's nothing like Whitney Port's!