Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stella Mccartney for Target - take two

Launched on 29 October 2010! How could i forget?! Since last month I have planned how I'm going to print out a picture of what I want from the collection and get my brother to buy it for me as I am situated so far away from shops this days, working in Crows Nest and all. But, it slipped my mind and now I am just hoping that on Thursday there will still be even a tiny little Stella left in the coat hangers of target. Hopefully a few of my favorites will still be there.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leaving the Fashion Family

I haven't posted anything for awhile. I have been busy with getting a routine going. Did my job searching, Its been 3 years since I have done some serious googling and job searching. And what made it even harder was that I was aiming to find a job in the fashion industry. I have been studying fashion for nearly 2 years and getting redundant from my job in the financial industry seems like a perfect opportunity. Well, I made myself very proud by nailing my first interview and getting a second interview with the General Manager of Pumpkin Patch. A kids clothing brand that is big in Australia and New Zealand. This happened more than 6 weeks ago. I was thrilled, but all the excitement died as the challenge wasn't there... and it was getting really.. how can I put this... blah.. And to add to the injury, as a starter in the industry my salary was just so low. So, im thinking.. Do I really love the fashion industry that I am willing to sacrifice my income and delay my future plans at the age of 24...or am I just an admirer.. and I really belong in the financial industry where I can be very useful and lets be honest, I can afford the clothes I love because my salary is not same as a teenagers'. So, I think I am the latter.. and I can say hello to shopping and travelling again because next week I am quiting my job and going back to my first family, the financial industry.. its going to be like the prodigal fashion minded daughter coming back because working in fashion ironically, doesn't give me the wings (aka money) to enjoy fashion!!! Its been great, but not that great. So to all of you out there that want to get in the industry at the age of 24, think about it. But if its for you, good luck :)