Friday, April 30, 2010 STYLE A FRIEND

So, since's birthday bash left most of us heartbroken while a few jumped for joy with their luck and $1 miu miu pumps and chloe bags, I have been craving for this Pedra Silk Pants by Alldressedup. I have been eyeing them for a month and had the perfect excuse to finally buy them! has a promo called Style A Friend - all you have to do is email a friend a garment that you think would suit them and If they like it and decide to buy the item you get $30 credit - but the catch is your friend should not return the garment and you will receive the $30 credit after 21 days! So... clever me.. I got my boyfriend an account with outnet.. sent him an email of the Pedra Silk Pants, click, add to shopping bag, paid for it using the boyfriend's credit card and done! And don't forget the free shipping until May! So, for my purchase I will be getting $30! Not as good as $1 designer garment but good enough! Its Chic-Onomics! wink wink!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KC Conception's Closet fights child hunger

Isn't it wonderful when socialites from third world countries feel the need to spread their wealth to the not so fortunate citizens of the world. Even more wonderful when they are unselfish enough to open those closet doors and give away their much loved designer items! Found out in that KC Conception which is a socialite in the Philippines (a little history her mum & dad are famous singers/actors) has started her own philanthropic gesture through KC's Closet which will help feed school children in Mindanao through the United Nations World Food Programme. She is auctioning off her Prada brown bag and Hermes bag on Ebay or you can buy it now for P80,000! That is less than 2,000 AUD! The details on Ebay doen't say much about the item.. but it's from a socialite so i guess we're just suppose to assume that they are the real deal! So if you love Hermes and Prada (Which most of us do!) have a look and you may find the heart to buy a Bag and help fight child hunger.

Sorry, i cannot attach pictures! I'm using my Boyfriend's laptop and its driving me crazeee!
-pictures are up now!

Witchery - steals from Balenciaga!

Lunch break! Means, it's time to spend the grueling process of finding something gluten free, filling and hopefully wont make me gassy for he rest of the day OR go window shopping in Met Centre (Wynyard). So, the latter is easier until my stomach grumbles that is. So, I went to one of my favourite stores, Witchery. And there it was.. i saw a complete carbon copy! I nearly said to myself - HOLD ON! STOP! Am I in a different place? I took another step in and closer to what I saw with a weird expression across my face, staring and saw one of the sales assistant looking at me then walked away. Man, Hell no! Not Witchery! And this is what I saw... lost for words i touched it.. and eek! it was like touching a Rhino or well that's how i imagine a rhino would feel like. Hard, coarse and dry! No no no... I haven't seen Witchery copy a designer item to that extent. To make something inspired of something is fine, okay not everyone can afford this and that so we make that blah blah balushhh! But not this way... totally ripping off Balenciaga.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Aaaah! Garance Dore is in town!

SHUT IT DOWN! Garance is in Sydney people! I love her illustrations and her ever entertaining blog! And she is dating Scott Schumann (The Sartorialist). She will be in town for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (I still have hurt feelings) and she will be having an Exhibition at Westfields Bondi Junction on April 28! Atleast I have something to look forward to before RAFW! Hope i can see her! She keeps me awake during my boring 9-5 job and has inspired me to take Illustration lessons. Bloggers are taking over the world of fashion - or atleast the front row.

If Little Red Riding Hood has a Satchel

I was looking for bags in last night and look at what caught my eye! It would be impossible to ignore this bright red satchel which is reminiscent to a fire truck. It also reminds me of my bag crush Proenza Schouler's PS1 and I have been thinking of getting this bag instead. With a price tag of $112 with 100% smooth leather material I think it would be a really awesome bag! I found many colours and sizes to choose from on their website I also found out that they have been featured in Italian Vogue and have Sophie Ellis Bextor as one of their celebrity fans. I will let you know when i get my hands on one of this satchels. I'm sure gradma will be proud if little red riding hood brought this satchel back home.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hah! I had an epiphany! Actually it happened when I was having my early morning shower on Saturday after watching an episode of Sex and The City on foxtel. I gave myself a challenge to find girlfriends to watch SATC 2 with! I spend all my time with my Boyfriend! So how can i do just that? I simply cannot connect with the women around me.. My school mates are just there to listen to lectures and do not bother getting to know the person next to them.. and my work mates are, lets just say a NO GO zone. So, i searched for groups that I can join in order to get to know more people around Sydney. And I found this website called They have tons of different groups that are tailored for your preference. If you like Star Trek you can find a group just for you (Errrr..). So, I joined some female groups and hopefully I can find friends to watch SATC 2 with instead of torturing my boyfriend for 2 1/2 hours of pure chick flick madness!

Friday, April 23, 2010

RAFW - Not a volunteer after all!

I am soooo disappointed! I applied to be a volunteer for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (3-7 May)and I was over the moon when I received an email from them asking for my available dates when I can work. Sent that to them and was advised that I will get a response is 10 days!!! Just to receive an email rejecting me! Uhh! Being rejected for volunteer work is a bummer! They went on about 1500 people volunteered and they only wanted 300! They also went on with saying that I am on their system now and will contact me for next years RAFW. Well, im not so sure if I still want to work backstage on RAFW.. I am crestfallen and not a happy camper at all! (But, I cannot help it! I sent a second registration just to make sure I will be accepted next time). My hopes and dreams of helping designers such as Lisa Ho, Alice McCall and Kate Sylvester are gone! Well, im putting myself together now and ironing my hair to feel a little better about myself.

Friday, April 16, 2010's $1 Birthday Sale!

BAAAAAH! HUMBUG!!!!! I was so thrilled to hear the news weeks ago that the sister shopping site of Net-A-Porter is having their first Birthday Bash by selling designer items all for $1! So why the BAAAAH HUMBUG!!! you say? That $1 Sale is today! And I totally missed out! In Australia it started around 9pm and I just got back from watching the Clash of the Titans. And when I opened my yahoo mailbox, there it was my invitation and I crazily clicked on it and selected my size and there were only 2 items left! AAAAh!!! a Cacharel tweed jacket and a Karl Lagerfeld skinny pant! I clicked on both and they had NO LONGER AVAILABLE on them!!! Ahhh! So, yeah Bah Humbug is all I can say to this... Good marketing strategy though..

How to style my Combat Boots!!!

The last time I wore Combat Boots was when I was in High School, we had this extracurricular activity called PathFinders - first aid training for the military. We had to wear the comouflage uniform with our combat boots, we looked like soldiers! We had to march ,do drills under the hot sun and I hated it and always called in sick.HA! Memories... Now, I just bought a pair of grey Combat Boots from Payless. They are comfy as hell and would match my grey leather jacket from TopShop. So, how to I style this? Fashionably? I googled, flipped pages of the magazines, more googling and finally found the right "search words" and found tons of inspirations from, Chictopia, and pictures of celebs who have successfully donned the combat boots tough chic look! I was ecstatic! I can wear my Combat Boots for Casual Fridays at work! So this is how I styled mine.. and I did get some looks :)