Friday, April 23, 2010

RAFW - Not a volunteer after all!

I am soooo disappointed! I applied to be a volunteer for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (3-7 May)and I was over the moon when I received an email from them asking for my available dates when I can work. Sent that to them and was advised that I will get a response is 10 days!!! Just to receive an email rejecting me! Uhh! Being rejected for volunteer work is a bummer! They went on about 1500 people volunteered and they only wanted 300! They also went on with saying that I am on their system now and will contact me for next years RAFW. Well, im not so sure if I still want to work backstage on RAFW.. I am crestfallen and not a happy camper at all! (But, I cannot help it! I sent a second registration just to make sure I will be accepted next time). My hopes and dreams of helping designers such as Lisa Ho, Alice McCall and Kate Sylvester are gone! Well, im putting myself together now and ironing my hair to feel a little better about myself.

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