Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KC Conception's Closet fights child hunger

Isn't it wonderful when socialites from third world countries feel the need to spread their wealth to the not so fortunate citizens of the world. Even more wonderful when they are unselfish enough to open those closet doors and give away their much loved designer items! Found out in that KC Conception which is a socialite in the Philippines (a little history her mum & dad are famous singers/actors) has started her own philanthropic gesture through KC's Closet which will help feed school children in Mindanao through the United Nations World Food Programme. She is auctioning off her Prada brown bag and Hermes bag on Ebay or you can buy it now for P80,000! That is less than 2,000 AUD! The details on Ebay doen't say much about the item.. but it's from a socialite so i guess we're just suppose to assume that they are the real deal! So if you love Hermes and Prada (Which most of us do!) have a look and you may find the heart to buy a Bag and help fight child hunger.

Sorry, i cannot attach pictures! I'm using my Boyfriend's laptop and its driving me crazeee!
-pictures are up now!

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