Friday, April 16, 2010's $1 Birthday Sale!

BAAAAAH! HUMBUG!!!!! I was so thrilled to hear the news weeks ago that the sister shopping site of Net-A-Porter is having their first Birthday Bash by selling designer items all for $1! So why the BAAAAH HUMBUG!!! you say? That $1 Sale is today! And I totally missed out! In Australia it started around 9pm and I just got back from watching the Clash of the Titans. And when I opened my yahoo mailbox, there it was my invitation and I crazily clicked on it and selected my size and there were only 2 items left! AAAAh!!! a Cacharel tweed jacket and a Karl Lagerfeld skinny pant! I clicked on both and they had NO LONGER AVAILABLE on them!!! Ahhh! So, yeah Bah Humbug is all I can say to this... Good marketing strategy though..

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  1. I joined PurseForum to check and snoop around if other ladies were left out and found out that a few ladies got some designer stuff! Aahhh!!!