Friday, May 28, 2010

Sportsgirl knows I've been dreaming of YSL

Friday... I had a pair of noisy shoes on! They are a 3 year old pair that I haven't worn for years and I just remembered the reason why! So at lunch I dashed to the Shoe repair shop and got its diagnosis. The shaft may be a little loose the lady says and I may need to check them in. Well, if my shoes are going to be inhouse patients, I better find a pair of shoes to wear! What a great excuse to shop! So, I went to Metcentre and looked around instead of eating lunch. I haven't been to Sportsgirl for ages! I think they are Australia's version of Topshop! They have really young trendy clothes and great accessories so it was always fun to visit their shop! I went straight to the big red SALE sign and had a look at what they have.. and I saw a pair of gray pumps that look just like the YSL tribute pumps and i has to try them on! And POWW!!! They are gorgeous and surprisingly comfy! So... i know i hate knockoffs..but i gotta say.. Im Love...

LOST: Season Finale

I am one big LOST avid fan but I only got to watch the finale last night as I missed out on 3 episodes. So, I had to ask other "Lost" sheep from bleating out information about the finale on thursday morning! Most of them were left lost as they didn't really get the finale. But after I watched the finale.. no tears came out of my eyes (unlike my workmate - my other workmate said she was quivering & had waterworks going for 2 hours, geez!) I really think that the finale was perfect - and it wasn't the episode to explain what has happened in previous episodes, rather it was an explanation on what really is that parallel world where everyone seems to be fine and walking the streets of LA after unboarding Oceanic Flight 816. The really touching part of the finale was when every single one remembered about how they were affected by the people in the Island. I knew they were not gonna be alive and I know that the finale of Lost is looking back at when everyone single survivor has passed away... they were still longing to see each other one day and see how everyone is going and they created this middle ground -purgatory as they say (between heaven and hell) to remember and recollect their experience in the Island which apparently is the most significant part of their existence. It was great and touching.. perfectly ended. I use to say that there is no way they will find a way to end lost and there should be a movie after (ummm.. like SATC!), but after watching the finale like the rest of the characters of lost, i finally learned to let go...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Socks and Stilettos!

Another cold boring sunday. I have been up since 9:30am and I have just been googling away.. then i started looking at shoes and can't get past my obsession to have a pair of YSL Tribute booties that are no longer available in stores - except for Ebay. I found one but then i realised that I have a gorgeous pair of Louboutin shoes that have never set foot on the outside world. I tried them on, then thought to myself, i adored this shoes online! I can't get myself to wear them with my bare feet..Its too cold outside! So i went to my sock drawer and found a nude pair of ankle socks. VOILA! Im not bored anymore! LOOK! LOOK! Can i ever pull this off? My Louboutin with Socks??? I googled more and found some inspirations! Hell yeah! Its Autumn and it makes sense! I'm so excited to try them out outside.. hmmm... I'm tall so no one will LAUGH at me! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sydney Fashion Weekend - The Bush and Fashion

So, I was so thrilled to find out that there is a meetup group going to Sydney Fashion Weekend! I went to the event with two ladies from the group - one of them Nicky lived in france for a year and unfortunately copied the only parisian habit that is considered to be unsexy... bushy armpits!!! I was shocked and had mixed feelings.. and for the other lady she disappeared the whole time we were there! Maybe she spotted the bush and couldn't stand it... im lucky to notice it only at the end of the day. Aside from the shocking events of the day, i got to seat at the front row of the Fashion Weeked fashion show. I love love love the clogs used in Camilla's show, the kaftans were adorable and flowy.. just makes me wish I can fly to a beach where the sun is shining and the mojitos keep coming! But Laurence Pasquier's wool hooded cape and beautifully made boyfriend wool sweaters brought me back to looking forward to enjoying winter. Shopping wasn't that great for me, but i did get to take home four sets of Elle Macpherson lingerie (my boyfriend was happy to see that)for $30 each set! And got a beautiful ring from Samantha Wills. At the end of the day, I was glad to see my boyfriend.. and i don't mind bushy armpits on men.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

VOGUE PARIS - Fashion Beyond Borders!

I am the happiest person in the world! I have been contemplating to get an overly priced subscription of Paris Vogue since i have rummaged through all the News Agents in Sydney with no luck even finding a 3 year old copy. So one dreadful tuesday I went to the News Agency to have a look at Vogue Australia's cover featuring the Aboriginal Model Samantha Harris and there it was staring at me, the only copy left of PARIS VOGUE!!! I snatched it right away and gave it a hug - the lady next to me probably did not want it, but I got it first! HAH! Then i noticed the back cover had a little tear so i tried to haggle with the lady over the counter and she said I can put tape on it but that's the price. So, i said Ahh.. its PARIS VOGUE! There's the $14.95 for it and I had it for lunch along side my gluten free vege lasagne & salad. And Boy was it a really good lunch! I can't read french. But I am learning via My French Coach on my Nintendo DSi. But for now, Im just happy to flip through the pages and have a look at the realisation of Carine Roitfield.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hah! Favorites! Everyone has one or two. My workmate was bitching about how our team leader favours my other two workmates as she lets them skip work and take extremely long lunch breaks (3 hour lunch today!).

I don't mind a little favoritism... I for one have my RAFW Favorites! I don't care about my work, so stuff the boring office drama and lets move on the FASHION, SERIOUSLY!

The future of Spring Summer fashion must haves have been unleashed! I don't really follow Australian Fashion Week but this time I thought I would have a look at what's instore for us for Spring and Summer of 2011!

Boy was i amazed and I have three favorites!!! Cammila and Marc hold number trois! I love the romantic relaxed look of the dresses on the runway and the draped skirts (tank dress really)!!! I am just so excited because I bought this draped dress from Seduce(2008) and couldn't wear it to the races because it shows too much cleavage! So I have been planning to cut it and turn it into a skirt! And now Cammila and Marc have the exact style in the same colour!

Second spot goes to Romance was Born! They brought the show in fashion! The John Galliano of RAFW, I say. Thigh high boots made an appearance with a punch of colour. The way they style the garments was very interesting and Entertaining! Though I may not rock out the Romance was Born look I sure can put on a pair of those crazy leggings!

And First place goes to ... DDDrums...Kirrily Johnston! Loved the braided hair, painted eyewear, painted tattoos, the feeling of this tribal look but keeping the garments very modern and edgy! I specially love the inverted triangle prints on the leggings! So RAFW is over! All we have to do is wait for Spring/Summer season...

CLOGS! Is this LOVE at Second Sight?

shocker. I TELL YOU! I was browsing the net for shoes as i always do, and I stumbled upon these Tory Burch and Miu Miu clogs and I started to think about what I have in my closet that would actually work with them! And then i realized... Am I actually considering Clogs??? I blame it on Garance Dore! She posted a picture of herself wearing her trimmed jeans with Chanel Clogs and she confessed that the heavy shoes might actually work! That probably played in my mind as I am now in love with these CLOGS! I always hated them and even critisized chanel barn-esque clogs on the hay-runway. Thank goodness they are a little pricey! So it will take me a month before i can buy them... it must be infatuation... if it is, it better not be in my closet before i realise that im over it!