Friday, April 30, 2010 STYLE A FRIEND

So, since's birthday bash left most of us heartbroken while a few jumped for joy with their luck and $1 miu miu pumps and chloe bags, I have been craving for this Pedra Silk Pants by Alldressedup. I have been eyeing them for a month and had the perfect excuse to finally buy them! has a promo called Style A Friend - all you have to do is email a friend a garment that you think would suit them and If they like it and decide to buy the item you get $30 credit - but the catch is your friend should not return the garment and you will receive the $30 credit after 21 days! So... clever me.. I got my boyfriend an account with outnet.. sent him an email of the Pedra Silk Pants, click, add to shopping bag, paid for it using the boyfriend's credit card and done! And don't forget the free shipping until May! So, for my purchase I will be getting $30! Not as good as $1 designer garment but good enough! Its Chic-Onomics! wink wink!


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  2. FYI - I returned the pants.. they did not sit right on me!!!