Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Witchery - steals from Balenciaga!

Lunch break! Means, it's time to spend the grueling process of finding something gluten free, filling and hopefully wont make me gassy for he rest of the day OR go window shopping in Met Centre (Wynyard). So, the latter is easier until my stomach grumbles that is. So, I went to one of my favourite stores, Witchery. And there it was.. i saw a complete carbon copy! I nearly said to myself - HOLD ON! STOP! Am I in a different place? I took another step in and closer to what I saw with a weird expression across my face, staring and saw one of the sales assistant looking at me then walked away. Man, Hell no! Not Witchery! And this is what I saw... lost for words i touched it.. and eek! it was like touching a Rhino or well that's how i imagine a rhino would feel like. Hard, coarse and dry! No no no... I haven't seen Witchery copy a designer item to that extent. To make something inspired of something is fine, okay not everyone can afford this and that so we make that blah blah balushhh! But not this way... totally ripping off Balenciaga.

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